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Northeast Iowa Food & Farm Network

The NIFF Coalition was the first pilot community selected by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture's Regional Food System Working Group (2006). The NIFF Coalition completed a strategic planning process with a diverse group of stakeholders where the assets, strengths and opportunities of the area were identified as well as the barriers and challenges. The conversations quickly narrowed to local food production as a strength in the area.  

The goals of NIFF are to promote opportunities for existing and new producers to engage in the local food system and regionally advance planning and policy change to support processing, distribution and storage opportunities. Today, the work of the NIFF Coalition has been integrated into the NE Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative (FFI).

In 2018, the management of this site was turned over to Allamakee New Beginning, the 501(c)3 sponsor of the Iowa Food Hub (IFH), a local food distribution business.

ANB operates the food hub as a way to meet the following food system priorities: 

  1.     Small and medium-sized farm viability
  2.     Food access and equality
  3.     Local economic development
  4.     Job creation and retention
  5.     Beginning and established farmers
  6.     Food System research and education

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