You Can Help!

Your choices make a difference.

You Can Help!

1. Know Your Food
Ask questions to learn about how and where your food was produced.

2. Be an Active Food Shopper
Tell your local grocer and restaurants that you want them to source their food from local farmers - and support those that do!

3. Ensure That Your Food Dollars Support Local Farmers
Buy from local farmers directly and look for farm-identified food at the grocery store.  

4. Get to Know a Local Farmer
Plan a family visit to a nearby farm to learn more about how food is produced.

5. Teach Children How to Grow Food
Plant a vegetable garden with children and help them plan and prepare a meal.

6. Bring Food and Farm Issues to Your Community
Organize a neighborhood gathering and invite a local farmer to discuss the benefits of local food production.

7. Strengthen Local Support for Farmers
Ask your office cafeteria, public schools, colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes to buy from local farmers.

8. Get Involved in Grassroots Efforts
Form or join a citizens' group that works to strengthen local agriculture.

9. Demand Democracy in Our Food System
Your voice counts! Hold elected leaders accountable to your demands for safe and healthful food from local farms.

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