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Area schools serve locally grown foods during Home Grown School Lunch Week, October 15-19

Posted: October 10, 2012

Area schools serve locally grown foods during Home Grown School Lunch Week, October 15-19

School lunch is getting a healthy and fresh makeover this week.  Sixteen northeast Iowa schools are serving local foods on school lunch menus and participating in nutrition education and fitness activities as part of Home Grown School Lunch Week, October 15-19.  The schools are receiving support from the NE Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative (FFI) in planning the activities for the week.  

What Is Home Grown School Lunch Week?
It’s a week where the focus is on eating local foods as part of school lunches along with conducting school-based activities to promote healthier eating.  Food Service Directors in local school systems will offer local items on the school lunch menu during the week.  Nutrition education information will be provided to students, and they will learn the benefits of using Iowa-grown foods.
School and student groups such as the Food & Fitness Youth 4-H Teams and FFA chapters are coordinating events at some schools.  Students can also participate by buying local foods and packing an Iowa Home Grown Lunch.

Providing support for Home Grown School Lunch Week in addition to the Food & Fitness Initiative are Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Luther College and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

What Is Farm to School?
In 2007, Iowa lawmakers passed Farm to School legislation to establish a program that would link elementary, secondary, public and non-public schools with Iowa farmers; provide schools with fresh and minimally processed Iowa grown food for inclusion in school meals and snacks; and to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits and provide them with hands-on learning opportunities, such as farm visits, cooking demonstrations, and school gardening and composting programs.

Participating Schools:
1.    Allamakee CSD.  Contact: Julie Magner.
2.    Central Community Schools, Elkader.  Contact: Jessie Kuehl
3.    Clayton Ridge Community Schools, Guttenberg.  Contact: Bev Rodenberg
4.    Decorah CSD. Contact: Jane Bullerman.
5.    MFL Mar Mac CSD.  Contact Pat Echard.
6.    North Fayette Community Schools, West Union. Contact: Carol Stanbrough
7.    North Winneshiek School, Burr Oak.  Contact:  Barb Szabo
8.    Oelwein Community Schools.  Contact:  Frank Stammeyer
9.    Postville Community Schools.  Contact: Laurie Smith
10.    Riceville Community Schools, Riceville. Contact: Catherine Adams.
11.    South Winneshiek Schools, Calmar.  Contact: Laura Lechtenberg
12.    Starmont Community Schools, Arlington.  Contact:  Sue Burrack
13.    St. Joseph’s Schools, New Hampton. Contact: Nikki Kloster
14.    Turkey Valley Community Schools.  Contact:  Diane Shileny
15.    Valley CSD. Contact: Carol Junge
16.    West Central CSD.  Contact Wilma Miller.

Individual School Plans
We will be using locally grown cabbage and apples. 

We will be serving apples from Swanson's Orchard (Monona), cherry tomatoes from Our Produce Patch (Elkader), and local cucumbers. 

Clayton Ridge
We will be serving apples from Swanson's Orchard (Monona), cabbage from GROWN Locally, and  cucumbers and tomatoes from Nature Haven Farm (Garnavillo).  We will taste-test local sweet potatoes or yogurt from Country View Dairy (West Union).   Our Food and Fitness 4-H Team will be selling fruit and yogurt parfaits made with local yogurt on the snack cart during that week.    

We will be serving apples from Peake Orchard (Waukon) and coleslaw with local cabbage from GROWN Locally to all students.  Tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, garlic and parsley from the school garden will be served.  Mr. Hayes will be speaking about the schools garden and new greenhouse to school cafeteria staff from the surrounding school districts.

MFL Mar Mac
We will be serving apples from Swanson's Orchard (Monona) and he will be visiting some of our elementary classrooms.  We will also have a taste test with cabbage one day.

N. Fayette
We will have local apples for breakfast one morning.  We will also have local carrots in our chicken noodle soup.  The lettuce and tomatoes for our taco salads will also be local.  Our goal is to double our local food purchases from last year.

N. Winneshiek
We will be serving local foods during lunch including cabbage from Patchwork Green Farm (Decorah).   We will be using local ground beef in several of the menu items and using local apples and as many local vegetables as we can get throughout the week.

We are using locally purchased apples on all veggie and fruit bars.  We purchased hog from a local FFA member, processed it locally and will be serving it for our Farm to Table Day on 10/18/12.

We will be serving fresh fruits and vegetables the whole week.  The kids will be taste tasting several veggies like beets, squash, peppers, cabbage, and carrots.  There will be coloring sheets distributed for the kids to color.

We will be conducting food tasting of food from our community with the help of our FFI school resource contact. 

South Winneshiek
We will serve a local food each day during the week.  Serving carrots on Monday; broccoli on Tuesday; homemade salsa on Wednesday, local yogurt on Thursday and roasted potatoes and coleslaw on Friday.

We will feature apples from a local orchard each day.  We will do taste tests of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the week.  We will also do menu surveys with the students in the cafeterias during the week regarding the new meal requirements and the addition of more fresh fruits and vegetables.

St. Joseph School, New Hampton
We will be advertising several local foods on the menu in the cafeteria including food from our school garden: potatoes, greens, pumpkin, tomatoes, corn, apples, beets, eggs, and zucchini.  We will also be serving pepper jelly and pickles made by students from our school garden.

Turkey Valley
We will serve a different local food item on the menu each day of the week, including local cabbage for coleslaw, apples, melons, tomatoes and yogurt.  Our art teacher will be making posters with students to promote HGSL Week to hang by our cafeteria. Our garden has mostly stopped producing, but we will harvest gourds and any remaining flowers to decorate tables with throughout the week.
Valley CSD   
We will serve local apples and lettuce salads featuring home-grown items.  Food service will wear their veggie aprons for serving.

West Central
We will serve local vegetables this week.

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