Northeast Iowa Farm to School Program

Connecting Kids and their Food

Northeast Iowa Farm to School Program

Farm to School is a national movement connecting schools with their local farmers.

Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative (FFI) joined this effort in 2009 with the adoption of pilot projects in six school districts.  The FFI provided technical, educational and financial support for these schools, while the schools assembled teams to plan and implement Farm to School activities.

The NE Iowa FFI recently committed to extending Farm to School program opportunities for all of the region's school districts. The School Wellness Action Plan catalogs Farm to School and Safe Routes to School activities, which the NE Iowa FFI supports. There will be learning opportunities for students, teachers and food service staff and producers. 


October is National Farm to School Month.

How can schools get involved?
Have students develop and implement school-based activities: 

  • Advertise and promote Farm to School Month.
  • Serve a locally grown food item one day—or every day.
  • Promote a different Iowa grown food each day of the week.
  • Invite parents and grandparents to eat lunch with their child.
  • Taste test new foods for the school lunch menu.
  • Hold a Health and Nutrition Fair or Family Fun Night.
  • Have students trace the path of a favorite food from the field to plate.
  • Assemble a display of books and media in libraries.
  • Produce a class cookbook showcasing Iowa products. 
  • Make apple cider, apple butter, applesauce, or maple syrup.
  • Arrange a field trip to a participating local farm.
  • Invite a local farmer to come to speak with students.
  • Invite a chef to do a cooking demonstration using local foods.
  • Have nutritionists visit the classroom.
  • Have students produce a calendar of seasonal availability of foods

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