The Buy Fresh Buy Local Movement

Buy Fresh Buy Local (BFBL) chapters are popping up in every community across the USA. There are eight BFBL chapters in Iowa including one here in northeast Iowa.

BFBL Chapter Affiliates are connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to the freshest, most delicious locally grown and locally produced foods available. Through outreach education, fun events, festivals, farmers markets and by supporting local food system revitalization our chapter members and chapter affiliates are hard at work expanding the availability and quality of locally grown and produced foods.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Iowa was developed as a collaboration between Practical Farmers of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, FoodRoutes Network and other founding Buy Fresh, Buy Local states. The FoodRoutes Network, Kellogg Foundation, USDA and Wallace Genetic Foundation provide financial support for development of the program in Iowa.

In Iowa, the Black Hawk County Chapter has helped double local food purchases among twenty three institutional buyers, including hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants, grocers, and colleges. Together, these institutions spent approximately $465,000 on locally produced fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and baked goods in 2004 - dollars that otherwise might not have been invested locally.

Help make a difference with us! Take the “Buy Local Challenge” by pledging to spend just $10 per week or more on local foods and make a difference in your community. Visit for more information.

Keep up to date with Buy Fresh, Buy Local Iowa as we connect Farmers and Consumers and promote fresh delicious foods at For more information about our local chapter, contact Teresa Wiemerslage at 563-568-6345.

The Northeast Iowa Food & Farm (NIFF) Coalition and the Food & Fitness Initiative are working together to create community environments that support access to fresh, locally grown, healthy, affordable food and safe environments for physical activity and play.

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